Sunday, October 10, 2010

ES - Day 3, Part 2 of 2: Evening in Bishop

How things go Amuck!

You're wondering why part 2 is first.  Cause it's so stupid that I want to get it out of the way and if you come in late, you'll read part one first.

We had a lovely day - read all about it in part one.  We came back to Bishop to meet up with my dear friend Marcia so we can all go to Ancient  Bristle Cone Pine Forrest (who named it that?  I have to keep asking Nick what the name is) in the morning.  The plan was she'd call us about an hour out to work out dinner timing.

We get back to our room at  the Comfort Inn and the keys don't work.  Now we've had that problem before, only when we had two (or more) sequential reservations because that's the only way they can book a room free on points.  Nick goes back down [we're on the second floor almost the furthest room from the lobby, we're both too tired to haul stuff up and down any more.]  Roger does the desk clerk magic on the keys.  Nick returns.  They don't work.  Nick goes back to lobby, comes back with Roger and housekeeping and master keys.

Meanwhile, I hear the phone in the room ringing.  This is mysterious as only a few people have the number.  I'm also checking my cell for calls from Marcia - concerned about her long drive from Applegate.

Roger tries all keys - nothing works.  He shares that this room had a problem last week.  I observe that there really is a spot for a metal, old fashioned key.  Roger leaves.  I call Marcia.  Well turns out, she was the one calling.  She left her hotel and walked to ours.

Roger comes back with key ring and pass keys for a new room for us, cause by now we all know it's bad.  His master key (apparently expired) doesn't work in the new room but the keys for us do.  We plop down, he goes back to old room.  None of the metal keys work.  Marcia comes,  we sit in new room.  Our stuff is still in old room, including Nick's cell phone which he'd forgotten in the am.  Marcia has a new phone.  NOT in it is my phone number but she had Nick's on a message I'd sent.  So, you get it right?  I'm waiting for her to call but she only has the hotel and Nick's phone numbers - both inside the still locked room.  sigh

Roger returns with the now awakened manager Dave.  I go down the hall to parlay.  Dave has this whizzy electronic calculator looking like widget with a big metal passkey probe on it.  He kits the calculator number keys - lights flicker.  Roger tries some key - doesn't work. Discussion of phoning Jesus ensues - he lives two blocks away.  I mention we'd like to eat dinner.  Roger offers to move our stuff when the room is finally opened.  Nick & I decline (we'd unpacked, had stuff in drawers, shelves, closet, fridge).  Go back to new room.  Phone rings!  Dave has the room open.

Oh, he did, by breaking in through and cracking the window!  And apparently the metal key broke off in the mechanical lock.  Not a good evening for Dave.  No sign of Jesus.  Nick, Marcia and I move stuff in record time leading Dave to ask if we're in the hotel business.

An hour after we should have, the three of us went off for quite yummy pizza at The Upper Crust!

Will now let Nick use the mini for a while before I tackle part 1 and/or photos.


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